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Roofing maintenance and full roofing installs are our specialty. We have worked on a host of roof types. From flat, pitched, slanted, metal and even the old earth roofs, all with stunning results time and again.

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Top-notch Materials

We work with a variety of roofing materials and choose the best product for each individual project. If our customers don’t know exactly what they are looking for, our team will come and do a thorough review of the roof to give several suggestions on products and styles to consider. We’ll help each customer choose the best product for the project and for the budget.


Rock Solid Service Guarentee

We offer the most robust warranty and guarantee in the industry. We offer a 15-year warranty for our process and materials for most roofing jobs, and a 10-year warranty for our process and materials for all stucco jobs.

"My wife and I used Santa Fe Stucco to repair the roof on our first house here in Santa Fe. We recently moved and, based upon this earlier experience, we had no hesitation in asking Francis and his team to replace the roof and stucco on our new home. The result was everything we could have wished for, the team kept us informed of progress and worked diligently to deliver beyond expectations."


"Santa Fe Stucco provided excellent service, from prompt and reasonably priced proposals through the initial walk-through, to the implementation and completion of each project. We are a 73 unit luxury condominium complex and SFS&R has completed four major projects in the past three years. The quality of his work is unmatched by any other contractor with whom I have worked. My first call for bids on any project."


"They were responsive and provided a competitive bid quickly. They did the job in two days with a large crew, were responsive to comments and repaired some additional cracks. We were impressed by the professionalism, the speed and quality of the work. They left the site perfectly clean and the stucco looks terrific! We highly recommend them and will use them again."


"I called, the response was very quick and professional. The owner came out and assessed the job and scheduled the work for a few days later. They were on time and did a great job! I would definitely use them in the future."


"This company is a pleasure to work with. The staff are highly professional, responsive, and good with long distance communications (we live in another state and relied on phone conversations and e-mails. When we were in Santa Fe this past spring, we asked if someone from the co. would come to our house and show us the work that the company completed in 2012. There was no hesitation. The company agreed and sent out the same individual who did the roof repairs. Even though it was pouring rain and hail, the employee/president went up on the roof with my husband and pointed out his work and answered questions. We also asked him if we could set up an annual inspection & maintenance visit for the roof and he agreed, saying that we should start that maintenance in the fall, 2013. The price that he quoted for annual maintenance was quite reasonable."


"A little more expensive than other quotes we received, but we worked with them because of their reputation and having seen examples of their work. The contractor performed the work when they said they would. The crew, the owner and manager were fantastic with keeping us informed, doing the work roofing right the first time, and delivered on the previously arranged price as well."


"To Whom It May Concern: I recently had my entire home re-roofed by Santa Fe Stucco and Roofing. The job they did was excellent and the were particularly careful to clean up any messes and to keep me informed as to how the job was progressing. I highly recommend them."


"We want to thank all of you at Santa Fe Stucco and Roofing for the wonderful job you did on our stucco and roofing! What a great crew you have! It was a little bit of a surprise. It is not often in Santa Fe that you get any company that cares as much as you do about doing a job professionally. We would recommend you to anyone. Also, we received an unexpected surprise! Thank you so much for the Harry and David gift box. It was a wonderful surprise!!!!"

Donna and Mike Bush

"I recently needed my roof repaired and my stucco redone. I wanted a company who is professional, excellent reputation and offer to do the job for a reasonable price. Santa Fe Stucco & Roofing met all the criteria. They did the job in a timely manner, were very clean and extremely professional. I got daily updates and was informed on every aspect of the work. I highly recommend Santa Fe Stucco and Roofing."

Eddie Gutierrez


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of roof should I buy?

There is no right answer. First, your budget and timing must be taken into consideration. Roof types can vary greatly in both price and longevity.

Another consideration that affects price is the current condition of the existing roof as well as what’s under that roof, as it is not uncommon in Santa Fe to tear off a roof only to find a pre-existing roof underneath. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find a 100 year old adobe with half a dozen roofs on it, a foot thick! Current code in Santa Fe allows for a maximum of two roofs on a dwelling. (Refer to 2009 New Mexico Administrative Code,, CHAPTER 9 ROOF ASSEMBLIES: E. Section R907.3).

Higher-end roofs also come with advantages in terms of energy efficiency. For instance, Gaco silicone roof coatings carry a five star energy rating. Foam roofs provide insulation given their thickness, and improve the roof’s insulation factor.

At SFS&R, it is our mission to provide each client with the best solution to fully meet their individual needs.

What are the aspects of a good roof?

Any good roof in Santa Fe starts with one key factor – slope! Slope is the natural drainage path of water. Slope provides the gravity to keep water running off your roof.

Canales are, of course, the outlets through which water drains from the roof to the ground. Are your canales in good shape, or are they deteriorated? A rotted canale will divert water into the walls. Is the canale opening higher than the level of the roof? If so, this will prevent water from running off the roof properly.

A good roof should not experience signs of prolonged ponding. Ponding is water that sits on a low spot of a roof for long periods of time without either draining or evaporating. Ponding will cause the immediate area of roof underneath the water to deteriorate faster than the surrounding area. The rule of thumb is that ponding water should not sit in excess of 48 hours.

The key to any good roof is excellent drainage.

What’s the deal with pumice?

Pumice was used as a cost-effective fill material to provide slope and moderate insulation to roofs. The problem with pumice is that it is an exceptionally porous mineral; once it gets wet, pumice holds moisture indefinitely. This property of pumice can lead to leaks, mold, and eventually, structural damage. Pumice will only dry when exposed to light. For this reason, the use of pumice as a roofing material was outlawed in the 2009 New Mexico Administrative Code, Chapter 9 Roof Assemblies: E. Section R907.3 (4). Any roof system containing pumice must be completely removed down to the decking before a new roof can be installed.

Do you install TPO Roofs?

Thermoplastic polyolefin, “TPO”, is a single membrane solution that comes in various thicknesses. Given its white and tan colors, TPO generally comes with an Energy Star rating, and is particularly popular for its cooling effects in warm climates. For general purposes, TPO is ordered is ordered in six foot and ten foot width rolls. It is often specified for larger commercial roofs given the application size in which it is ordered. Given its high quality and energy saving characteristics, TPO is now becoming a popular choice for residential projects. TPO is a fantastic choice for Santa Fe homeowners seeking out another “green” option for roofing!

Do you install tar and gravel roofs?

Old tar and gravel, or “built-up” roofs in Santa Fe are fantastic and can last 30 years, or more. New tar and gravel is not as great. The reason for this is that the petroleum distillates currently used in tar are of a lesser quality than what was used in the past. For this reason, we recommend other solutions. Tar and Gravel is also not as environmentally friendly as other solutions.

Do you install “BRAI” roofs?

Yes, we do! We use 2-Ply Mule-Hide Modified Bitumen. Mule-Hide rates this product for a 30 year life expectancy. “Mod Bit” roofs are quite a popular solution for Santa Fe; they’re rugged and reliable, and have the ability to expand and contract with changes in temperature as the structure of your home does the same. Other roofers in Santa Fe might shy away from this type of roof primarily because they don’t want to carry the required liability insurance. A Mod Bit roof can also referred to as a “torch-down” roof.

I’ve heard good and bad things about foam roofs?

We know you have! Here’s a way to think about foam roofs : Foam 1.0, installed on homes ten-to-fifteen years ago; and Foam 2.0, on roof systems installed within more recent years.

Foam 1.0

Foam 1.0 is basically “open cell” vertical wall insulation material. As an insulator, it lacks the properties and strength required for use on a roof; open cell foam retains moisture indefinitely. Furthermore, top coatings to the foam were water-resistant rather than waterproof. The combination of open cell foam technology and non-waterproof sealants lead to some truly terrible conditions for homeowners and their roofs. The foam would simply retain moisture and leak enormous amounts of water into the home. In some cases, the results were disastrous.

Foam 2.0

Today’s roofing foam is designed specifically for roofing specifications. Modern roof foam is made of closed cell material. It’s denser, and does not hold water. Further, the sealant coat should always be 100% waterproof; we use Gaco 100% SIlicone for this application. A foam roof installed properly with dense closed-cell roof foam material and a 100% waterproof top coating is an excellent solution! This type of roof benefits from a five star energy rating and provides enhanced insulation and drainage characteristics.

Modern foam roofing solutions can truly be an option worth consideration for the knowledgeable homeowner.

Re-roof or maintain?

The question to re-roof need not always be a question of finances. A ten-year old roof in moderate condition with remaining life of 50% or less can benefit from a comprehensive one-time maintenance. SFS&R maintenance projects will extract every ounce of life from the existing roof, ensuring that the homeowner receives maximum value from their roof system.

How often should the roof be checked?

At the bare minimum, a roof should be checked at least once a year. Early Spring is a fantastic time for these inspections, as most of the damage a roof system will typically sustain occurs in the winter months, when expansion & contraction, snow & ice, and harsh UV exposure can wreak havoc on even the best of roofing systems. Call us today to have one of our roofing professionals assess your roof’s condition to ensure it serves you throughout the year!

What are the signs of wear?

Typical signs of wear:
  • Exposed tar with no gravel cover
  • Mesh visible through tar on parapets
  • Cracks visible in parapets
  • Seams in roofing material that have separated on roof deck or vertical flashing (where the roof meets the parapet)
  • Wrinkles in vertical flashing & on the flat fields of the roof
  • Bubbles in the roof deck or vertical flashing – out-gassing due to poor roof ventilation
  • Separations between sealant and base materials
  • Accumulated debris at low points or other evidence of ponding water accumulation

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