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New Year, Like-New Roof and Stucco

Beginning of the Year Is An Optimal Time for Maintenance

At the start of the New Year, many are thinking of personal improvements and goals; however, the beginning of the New Year is also an ideal time for performing maintenance on your home or business.

“Your home and your business are arguably among your most important assets,” said Francis McPartlon, Owner of Santa Fe Stucco & Roofing. “Too often, routine maintenance gets pushed aside once the stress of the year picks up, but it’s too important to ignore. We recommend at least an annual roof inspection, if not every six months, and a stucco inspection every five years, as this type of inspection and maintenance can extend the life of both.”

Due to the high elevation in Northern New Mexico, coupled with high UV rays and temperature extremes, as well as rain and snow, roofs in the Santa Fe area experience harsh conditions and can deteriorate quickly. Proper maintenance is needed to ensure an extended roof life.

For roof care, it’s important to keep an eye on warning signs of wear and tear. With regular inspections, roofing professionals will catch the signs of wear in time for needed maintenance. In between inspections, consult a professional whenever these signs occur:

  • Exposed tar with no gravel cover

  • Mesh visible through tar

  • Visible cracks

  • Roofing seams that have separated on roof deck or vertical flashing

  • Wrinkles in vertical flashing

  • Bubbles in roof deck or vertical flashing

  • Separations between sealant and base materials

For stucco, an inspection is recommended at least every five years. In the interim between inspections, home and business owners should watch for signs of damage and cracks. If a crack is thicker than the width of a credit card, it’s time to call a professional. Most cracks occur at parapets or around windows.

“With the holiday season now behind us, we encourage everyone to start the year on a fresh, positive note, by taking care of your home and business,” added McPartlon.

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