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Current CEO, Francis McPartlon, is a third generation roofing professional carrying on the family trade since the 1950s. Francis jokes, “Roofing and stucco is literally a part of my DNA now.”

In the 1950s, Grandfather Thomas McPartlon brought Brian McPartlon and Kevin McPartlon (Francis’ father) into his roofing business in upstate New York. Many years later Kevin landed in Santa Fe after having moved to the San Francisco Bay Area first. In Santa Fe he met Anna, Francis’ mother, and together they started and then built up Santa Fe Stucco + Roofing into a successful small business.

From a young age Francis helped and worked with the stucco and roofing crews, getting his hands dirty and to his surprise, enjoying the work too. Years later while at University, Francis got called to join the family business to help out.

Again, Francis found himself really enjoying the work. He enjoyed it so much that he decided to take over all operations in 2010.

It became abundantly clear that Francis wanted to more than work in the business, but even more than that, Francis started communicating big ideas and plans he saw for the business. Recognizing his talent and business savvy, but also his ability to sell the services and his knack for going above and beyond for customers, Francis and his parents came to an agreement to sell Francis the business. In 2013 Francis became CEO and owner of Santa Fe Stucco + Roofing.

Since 2013 Santa Fe Stucco + Roofing has grown into the award winning, second largest roofing co. in NM. They’ve received the Angie’s List SUPER SERVICE award 4 years in a row.

Servicing everything from residential homes, government institutions, to large commercial developments across the state, the crew and the team always keep in mind that the customer service should ALWAYS be exceptional.

“Great products are readily available to our customers from any number of roofing companies in Santa Fe, but when it comes to great customer service we are unmatched.” We live and breathe providing an EXCEPTIONAL experience for our customers, and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to make our customers extremely happy and proud to work with us. That’s why our service is unmatched.” Said Francis.



Now CEO with responsibility for all sales, Francis became an owner and full time partner in 2011.  Having grown up on roofs all his life, Francis actually has more experience in general construction than most folks twice his age. Francis is credited with bringing more industry leading techniques, materials, brands, and processes to the business.



Oscar has been working in the architectural and technical fields for over 20 years, and in the roofing field for 15 years. He is a native Northern New Mexican resident and has worked with the largest and most prominent roofing companies, architects, and engineers throughout the United States and abroad. He has a stellar record of creating excellence and quality in the designs and estimates that he produces.



Steven has been a project manager for over seven years on a multitude of projects, from telecommunications to multi-family construction projects. Originally from Dallas, TX, he moved his family to establish roots and raise his family in Santa Fe. He has a customer-focused approach based around good communication and delivering the client’s expectation by ensuring all the details are correct.


Enrique was promoted to Project Manager of Roofing Operations, effective November 2015.  He manages activities for all roofing crews.  In addition to roofing, Enrique is accomplished in metal working,  remodeling, and electrical work.  Enrique has fifteen years experience in the industry.